Terra Firma Diversion/Educational Services

Our goal is to supply clients a program uniquely designed for his or her needs:

Anger Management

Domestic Violence

PC 1000 Drug Diversion

Relapse Prevention

Anger Management Class


This program is designed for individuals who need additional assistance in understanding how anger is affecting their lives.  Participant's are required to demonstrate they can display alternative and positive way of coping with their anger prior to successfully completing their program.


Positive communications skills are encouraged throughout all group discussions.  Identifying anger, triggers, and reviewing past and current behaviors are examined in a group setting.


Weekly lessons and topics are viewed through handouts, video, and class exercises. Participation is paramount to successful completion of this course.


Course length:


Twenty Six (26) weeks of treatment or a minimum of twenty six (26) hours.  Groups meet one time a week for 1 hour.  Court ordered and voluntary participants are welcome.


We also offer individual anger management counseling for those unable to attend group sessions.  This is client-by-client basis and subject to additional expense.




Regular registration fee is $40.00 and includes the initial intake / assessment.  Bring any documents from the court or referrals upon registering.


***Spanish Services Available***


Domestic Violence


Terra Firma Diversion/Education Services offers a 52 week Certified Domestic Violence Batterer's Treatment. Participants are primarily court-ordered. However, the program is open to anyone interested in dealing with domestic violence issues. Services are also available in Spanish.


The Domestic Violence Treatment Batterer's groups are psycho-educational groups that examine at a minimum, gender roles, socialization, the nature of violence, the dynamics of power and control, substance abuse, and the effects of abuse on children and others.


The Participant is assigned to a group which meets once a week for 2 hours.  During the course of the program, the Participant will learn to demonstrate an understanding and of positive conflict resolution skills.  The Participant will work on his or her issues and not focus on blaming, degrading or committing acts which puts the victim down or places the victim at risk, including but not limited to molesting, stalking, striking, attacking, threatening, sexually assaulting or battering the victim.


If drug and/or alcohol counseling is determined by the program, the Participant will be required to also enroll in a substance abuse program concurrent with the Domestic Violence Treatment Program.  The reason for this is that it is difficult for one to focus on making any kind of change when he or she is under the influence.


The Participant can only attend one (1) domestic violence group per week for 2 hours. Only  3 absences are allowed.  When a fourth absence is reached, the Participant, if court-ordered, will be terminated and sent back to court. A re-referral will be required to return to the program.


All court-ordered participants must complete their Domestic Violence Batterer's Treatment Program within 18 months from their initial intake date to avoid starting the program all over again. This is a state law.


To enroll in Terra Firma's Domestic Violence Batterer's Treatment Program, you must register in person. If court-ordered, a referral form is required.  There is a $40 enrollment fee due at the time of the registration.  There is a weekly fee due which is determined by your monthly income. Progress Reports will be available as needed.


PC1000 Drug Diversion


Also known as the Deferred Entry of Judgment Program, PC 1000 is a 24-week program in the County of Alameda. The purpose of this program is to meet the needs of court mandated individuals who require additional professional assistance in maintaining a drug-free lifestyle, while avoiding the stigma of a criminal record.


The PC 1000 Drug Diversion Program consists of the following:


       8 weeks of Drug Education including Aids Education

      16 weeks of Group Counseling

      5 Individual Counseling Sessions help on the 2nd, 8th, 14th, & 20th week

      24 Twelve Step Meetings to be done once a week (i.e. NA, AA)

      6 random Drug Tests


The focus of the program is to obtain tools, develop Resources and Support. The individual will re-examine and learn enhanced coping skills to maintain a commitment to sobriety by participating in group process and client interactions. The individual will also identify and respond to risk factors which contribute to their substance abuse.


Relapse Prevention


Substance and Alcohol Class


20 Week Program


Relapse Prevention is a minimum 10 to 20 week program to assist substance and alcohol abusers who have relapsed, or those seeking to obtain sobriety.  This program takes place in a group setting where introduced to coping skills, defining trigger concepts, and applying recovery techniques on a daily basis.


Terra Firma provides a healthy environment with caring and professional staff who are experienced in the field of addiction.